Third party inspection services

  • Our deep expertise comes in handy for importers and exporters. We understand the complex business of imports and exports. We promise to offer you the flexibility and efficiency that would speed your time to market and therefore boost your bottom line.
  • We deploy test methods and undertake appropriate tests for the products in question. We specialise in interpreting national and international standards.

We at Medury Global Inspection Services (I) Pvt. Ltd. are committed to perform third party inspection of cargo with high level accuracy and precision/judgement conforming to national and international standards and at the same time maintaining impartiality and confidentiality without conflict of interest.

We strive to reflect the highest Ethical Standards in our relationships with Clients and Employees.

  1. Quality services with Integrity and independence
  2. Trust
  3. Impartiality and authenticity
  4. Confidentiality

Key Benefits for customer

  • Prompt issue of Inspection Certificate
  • Confirm compliance with relevant national/international standards and technical requirements
  • Avoid customs delays at destination and demurrage charges by timely supporting services

We offer

  • Verification of the quality, quantity, packing and marking
  • Technical assessments of documents, based on product sampling, laboratory testing in the manufacturer’s factory and physical inspection.
  • Material loading inspection into container and sealing of container
  • Bulk loading of cargo on vessels

MGIS has tied up with international inspection companies based in Iran to take up inspection on their behalf in India. The products are related to industries like mining, metals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, medical equipment, paper industries, dyes, pigments, color, food and agri industries.

  • The main operation is established in Hyderabad and renders inspection services to all Indian exporters from different states by deputing empaneled inspectors with IB.
  • IB is keen to absorb the national manpower of various technical and administrative specializations so as to.
  • Achieve its objectives and meet the business requirements and tasks assigned to it

Impartiality and Independence

IB is an independent company and not working under any parent organization in India hence conflict of interest does not arise and also minimizes any risk of impartiality during inspection.

We also have the Top Management commitment to impartiality.


MGIS is committed to maintain confidentiality and privacy of data/information which is privy to them during the course of inspection. Inspectors are also bound by this. All staff are bound by the non disclosure and confidentiality pact.